Jumbo Box

PepMelon Jumbo Box Craft Kit is a DIY creative hobby set with over 1000 pieces to work with.

You will actually find hundreds of pompoms, craft foam shapes, wiggle eyes, pipe cleaners (chenille stems), and other things for you to make creative animal characters, masks, greeting cards or gifts. Everything you need! Our great craft set an ideal gift idea for girls and boys but also for adults to spend together great time with kids. 

Skills development: 3 – 12 years of age 

From 3 to 8 years of age is more like about fine motor, visual perception, and social skill development. From 9 to 12 of age is - when thinking, cognitive development gets more emphasized - about the solution-based thinking, creativity and self-esteem. For people with disabilities: Jumbo Box creative hobby kit can help you develop fine motor skills at any age.

Decoration set at home: teenagers and adults 

Additionally, teenagers and adults can also use a creative hobby kit at home to create all Easter, Christmas or Halloween decorations, or making handmade gifts.

The contents of the box:

Craft foam A5 size, (Ø 3 mm), asstd, 10 pcs

Fabric DIY decoration, flowers, butterfly shapes, asstd, 30 pcs 

EVA craft foam mixed shapes and colours(glitter), (20-45mm), asstd, app. 50 pcs 

Deco confetti, asstd, 18 g, approx. 500 pcs 

Rhinestones, (circles, stars, squares, elliptic shapes), asstd, 100 pcs 

Clothes pegs (25 * 8 mm), asstd colours, 20 pcs 

Wiggle eyes, (Ø 5-15 mm), round and oval, asstd, 10g, app. 100 pcs

Pompoms (Ø 10 mm), asstd colours, 100 pcs

Pompoms (Ø 20 mm), asstd colours, 30 pcs

Pipe cleaner, (Ø 6 mm, 30 cm), asstd colours , 30 pcs.

Pompoms ( Ø 25 mm), asstd colours, 20 pcs

Glitter Pompoms (Ø 25 mm), asstd colours, 30 pcs

Pompoms (Ø 30 mm), asstd colours, 15 pcs

Worksheet, creative ideas in A3 size, 1 pcs

The box contains no glue, as in many cases the elements can be mounted without glue, or you can use not only certain creative hobby glues, but also other paper adhesive or general glue sticks to achieve perfect results.

Creative ideas in the box and on our blog

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PepMelon Craft Kit helps to develop kids' skills, such as fine motor skills, creativity, solution-focused thinking, and visual and social skills!

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We deliver to: Austria,  England, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland. Warning! Choking hazard! - The box contains small parts. 
Not suitable for children under 36 months. 
To be used under the direct supervision of an adult.