Black Paper Collection A4/A5/A6, 230 g/qm thick, 30/50 pcs




One pack of environmentally friendly black papers, ready for you to be creative! 

Black & Creative

A4/A5 – 50 / 30 pcs, A6 – 50 pcs

Black Paper Collection:

Black Paper Set, black papers in 230 g/qm thickness. Perfect black paper for graphic designers to create white drawings, used as a sketchbook. As a craft paper it’s great for stylish wedding cards, a personal letter, a homemade card or countless craft projects. Make an unforgettable present out of every sheet. Use our paper for your individual craft ideas. Ideal for presentations, posters, greeting cards, noticed, also for painting, writing, printing and some other handmade activities.

Be Eco-Friendly

Ecofriendly quality thin and thick paper: 

  • Ecolabel
  • FSC certified paper
  • OBA free
  • EN71-3 Toy Safety
  • ECF confirmation
  • Free of Heavy Metals

The perfect choice for environmentally conscious families. 

Handmade Quality

We sort all our Paper sets by hand.  We designed this concept and created all the packaging design, also we package our sets by hand. We always pay attention to hygiene during the production process, so we work in gloves and hair nets to send you clean, hygienic products as well as excellent quality.

Other Paper Collections:

You can also find our Colour Paper Collection in 35, 70 or 105 pcs set, from pastel to intense color papers in different thicknesses for every crafting, DIY and home made project. We have collected these papers from the Mondi Niveus® COLOR brand to make the different colours available together and in different thicknesses for the creative hobby fans. 

Our 100% recycled coloured paper set, 136 pieces, 25 colours in 80g/sqm, 160g/sqm, 190g/sqm, 250g/sqm.
All our coloured paper is made from 100% recycled paper without the use of hazardous chemicals and heavy metals. This product can be fully recycled after use.

We have collected this creative selection from 4 different manufacturers to produce a colourful, environmentally friendly paper packaging for you. All these papers have the German Blue Angel certificate.

Content: 30/50 pcs of black papers in 230 g/qm thicknesses.

Made in Germany


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