Hello Retailers ; )

Thank you for your interest in becoming a stockist! PepMelon is stocked at stores in Germany, France, Belgium, Netherland and other countries in Europe. You can now shop our catalogue online with easy one-click ordering and some awesome benefits. Here are a few ordering options available according to your location:

Orderchamp – EU countries

In partnership with Orderchamp, with the following benefits:

– Pay after Delivery: 30 to 60 days later
– Free shipping for all multi-brand orders above €250
– €100 shopping credit for your first order when you sign up with the link below.
– Minimum order as low as €50

Shop on Orderchamp

Mercavus – Germany and the EU

In partnership with Mercavus, with the following benefits:

– FREE shipping from 200 € minimum order value and 3%. cash discount.
– In addition, there are no shipping cost for orders above 200 € or £.
– You can use our 100 € or £ discount voucher code and receive on your first order (minimum 300 € or £).
– Minimum order as low as €60

Contact me for an invitation mail to Mercavus

Ankorstore – EU and Outside Europe VAT registered companies

In partnership with Ankorstore, with the following benefits:

– Net 60 days payment on all orders
– Free shipping for all multi-brand orders above €300
150€ discount voucher for order amount at least €300 (get in touch to get the code)
– Minimum order as low as €60

Creoate – UK, USA and EU

In partnership with Créoate, with the following benefits:

– Buy now, pay later: 60 day payment and up to £2,500 account limit for everyone
– FREE delivery to min £200 UK | €300 Europe | $300 USA
£100 discount voucher for your first order (get in touch to get the code)
– Minimum order as low as £75 | €75 | $75

Contact me for an invitation mail to Creoate

Spoted – France

– Available in French, but you can buy from any country with a registered VAT number
– Free delivery from 2 brands purchased orders

> Shop on Spoted

Faire.com – USA | Canada | UK

We are now partnering with Faire, the online wholesale marketplace, so that you can try our new products with Net 60 terms and free returns on your first order!

If you’re new to Faire, you will also receive *$100 USD in credit and a year of free shipping on PepMelon covered by Faire.
*$100 USD for U.S and Canadian retailers, £100 GBP for U.K retailers.

> Shop on Faire

Allegro Poland | EU

if you are from Poland, find us on allegro.pl with retail price too!

> Shop On Allegro

Order via email

Alternatively, if you prefer to order directly from us, please contact us through [email protected] and we will get back to you shortly.

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